Ibogaine Tretment Center At CHIPSA Hospital

Welcome to the Ibogaine Treatment Center at CHIPSA Hospital.

We are the first and only hospital in North America to administer Ibogaine HCL for substance abuse.

CHIPSA Hospital is regulated by Comision Federal para la Proteccion contra Riesgos Sanatarios [COFEPRIS, the Country of Mexico’s “FDA”]. To possess and Ibogaine we are required to comply with all hospital safety requirements for hospitals given by the COFEPRIS.

Our goal is to completely eliminate the patients substance abuse without withdrawal symptoms or cravings in the safest setting possible.

Ibogaine Treatment for Addiction Interruption  & Substance Abuse Elimination

The process begins preparing our patients for the treatment physically, mentally, and spiritually. CHIPSA hospital is a world famous immunotherapy and detox hospital so our experience in cleansing and healing the body is unparalleled.

On the day of the treatment, patients will be given full blood work and an EKG by our cardiologist, who will look over the findings to make sure the patient is 100% eligible for treatment.

The patient will then be started on Gerson Therapy protocol 5 – 13 organic cold pressed juices given daily and coffee enemas. They will then go into the hyperbaric chamber for 90 minutes to increase oxygen into the blood cells.

An hour before the treatment begins an I.V. is started and the patient will receive Dramamine, an oral medication used to treat nausea.

A small test dose of Ibogaine HCL is then administered to check for allergic reactions.

Over the next 60 minutes the full oral dose will be given.

Within 45 to 60 minutes, the patient will experience a warm, tingling sensation and perceive a buzzing or humming sound. Then the visions start.

After 4 to 6 hours of intense visions or dreams state phase starts.

This is considered to be the most important part of the treatment and lasts from 12 to 36 hours. It involves a forced psychoanalysis or meditation.

This phase is one of introspection in which you are made to repeatedly face personal issues until they are resolved.

The day after Ibogaine treatment, you will experience exhaustion and difficulties sleeping but no cravings or withdrawal.

We encourage patients to start activity and be interactive with the staff and other patients. A massage is highly recommended and provided.

The next day the patient will be given another small dose of Ibogaine to help get rid of any residual withdrawal symptoms. This dose will not have much if any noticeable effect to the patient other than elevating any residual withdrawal.

The remainder of the stay patients will be given Bio-Nuero Feedback with our staff psychologist, Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, Hyperthermic Baths, and Gerson Protocols.

These are the same protocols we have used for 37 years to detox our Cancer patients and reset their immune system and stabilize brain wave function.

The Ibogaine Treatment Center at CHIPSA hospital provides the most unique Ibogaine treatment and imunotherapy protocol available.

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