What is Ibogaine?

Ibogaine for Addiction

What is Ibogaine?

Ibogaine comes from the Tabernanthe Iboga plant in Africa. Its anti-addiction qualities have been known for a long time by the medical community, however little consideration was given in the past. With the increase in opiate dependency, in particular Oxycontin, there is a desire for addiction treatment options that are not substitution therapy, but a actual remedy to the drug addiction.

Doctor Claudio Naranjo was the first one to research Ibogaine treatment’s clinical effects. In the 1960s, Naranjo conducted a number of case studies, where he ibogaine treatment centersdiscovered that Ibogaine had the capability to remedy emotional conflicts. This was credited to Ibogaine’s capability to boost access to repressed experiences. He  realized that ibogaine permitted his subjects to see their past experiences with an open mind, which enabled them to address personal problems that had been formerly unapproachable. Ibogaine treatment allows memories to be relived without the psychological weight these people had when the situations occurred, permitting the person to see them with better understanding. It’s a lot like watching a movie of all the important events of your life, but with the ability to shape by both the subjects and the professional. This is an important instrument in both drug treatment and regular psychiatric therapy. Around the same time that Dr. Naranjo was researching his case experiments, Ibogaine’s anti-addictive qualities were discovered.

Who Discovered Ibogaine Stops Addiction?

In 1962, Howard Lotsof, addicted to heroin at the time, took a small amount of ibogaine that a chemist buddy had provided him, desiring to trip for thirty-two hours. He woke up the following day with the surprising realization that he no longer wanted heroin; he actually continued to be drug free. Although Lotsof wasn’t a physician, nor a researcher, his personal experience with Ibogaine brought him to investigate further.

During the period of the next year, Lotsof led several non-clinical focus groups (studies) under S & L Laboratories, that he established “in order to obtain drugs and give them to interested persons”.  Back then, psychedelics weren’t scheduled drugs, and were accessible to anybody who started their own chemical “business”. Between 1962 and 1963, he provided


Recent Ibogaine Research and Legal Status

Forty years later Ibogaine is regarded as a schedule I narcotic in the US thus significantly restricting the medical research which takes place on American soil. There was a study carried out by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) in the the 90′s. However, they discontinued the study claiming safety concerns. Nonetheless, scientific studies in other nation states along with testimonial proof  demonstrate the life saving results of Ibogaine Drug Treatment.

While Ibogaine will get rid of withdrawal, and be an aid to accomplish a pre-addictive mind-set, there are more aspects which play a role in dependency and will have to be tackled if lasting success is to be accomplished. The benefit of Ibogaine is that it provides the former abuser time for you to create the required environmental and psychological adjustments.

Ibogaine Treatment has the possibility to help save numerous lives and can preferably end up being lawful at some point in America. For now you’ll have to journey out of the nation in order to obtain Ibogaine Drug Treatment.

Ibogaine Treatment Centers

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